My Research

Working Papers

The Incidence of the Corporate Income Tax is Irrelevant for its (Benefit-Based) Justification with Matthew Weinzierl.

Optimal Benefit-Based Corporate Income Tax

Quantifying Heterogeneous Corporate Tax Base Spillovers in Europe


“How big are strategic spillovers from corporate tax competition?” Economic Inquiry (forthcoming). (Working paper version)

“Segmenting tourists by length of stay using regression tree models” with Mahalia Jackman. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights (forthcoming).

“Distance matters: the impact of physical and relative distance on pleasure tourists’ length of stay in Barbados.” with Mahalia Jackman, Troy Lorde, and Tori Greenaway. Annals of Tourism Research 80.102794 (2020).

“Does crime depend on the ‘state’ of economic misery?” with Troy Lorde, Mahalia Jackman, and Shane Lowe. International Journal of Social Economics 43.11 (2016): 1124-1134.

“Three states of fiscal multipliers in a small open economy.” with Justin Carter, and Shane Lowe. Economics Bulletin 35.1 (2015): A76.

“Nowcasting tourist arrivals in Barbados—just Google it!” with Mahalia Jackman. Tourism Economics 21.6 (2015): 1309-1313.

“Offshore Financial Centers in the Global Capital Network.” Global Economy Journal 14.3-4 (2014): 435-451.