About me

I’m Simon Naitram, Lecturer in Economics at the University of the West Indies. I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Glasgow on corporate taxation. I’m Barbadian, with a deep love for everything Caribbean. My research is mainly in the field of public economics. I chose economics because I want to make a real difference to the everyday lives of normal people.

To begin making a difference, I’ve started this blog to meet the need for a more public debate on economics, particularly in the Caribbean. I’m not just finding new and exciting ways to procrastinate, I promise.

Each post will be part of a conversation with you, and a thoughtful response to your comments and questions. I encourage you to engage with the debate. This feedback process drives the conversation forward, and allows my views to evolve with new evidence.

I hope you find this blog enlightening and fascinating. And I hope it can have a substantial impact on our society. Happy reading!


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